Environmental responsibility is a life-task.

Responsible attitudes determine the life in our company. Our products must meet the demands of our time. This means that all resources used in our production are employed with consideration of the environment. The raw materials processed show an increasing portion of organic matter. The so-called “tourism of goods” is a relic from the past. Logistics no longer involves door-to-door-deliveries. Proseat acts in a responsible, controlled, sustained way. Obviously, included are such prior-ranking issues like health and safety of our employees and the active conservation of nature and environment. Together we continue in our endeavours to guarantee production that is emission-free to the greatest possible extent in harmony with an environmentally friendly utilization. 

In order to support and document job safety, health and environmental protection to the highest possible standard, we rely on a management system that complies with the requirements of ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001. Our customers should know that we undertake utmost responsibility for our products and their manufacture – and not they.

It is our expressed aim to take our share of responsibility for our fellow-people and to leave a world for our children that is worth living in. It is proseat’s life-task to assume responsibility for our environment.



Proseat's 'green' EPP - a non-toxic product which can be recycled or burned without any gas emissions.