What are your benefits from EPP?

It withstands hard impacts. It is flexible. It is robust. It is of high stability. Expanded Polypropylene, short: EPP. It is a material with “expanded properties”. We, proseat, have adopted this innovative product from our partner Woodbridge and exploit its extraordinary properties for the requirements of the automotive industry. Because we know this trade very well we are able to incorporate the EPP-advantages in automotive engineering convincingly. 

EPP additionally has further advantages to offer. We strictly observe that our production makes our goods as “green” as feasible. Hence, the polymers, of which EPP consists, fulfil two significant requirements: They are biodegradable; and they consist of renewable components.

Furthermore, EPP will make cars lighter, because it replaces heavy steel constructions in seats. It brings another positive effect for the duration of a car’s life: less weight reduces fuel consumption.

If you are interested in more details about additional advantages of EPP for your production, then please feel free to contact us.





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