You want less weight. You get greater rigidity.

The task: You produce a three-dimensional structured component of very high rigidity and very low weight in one step. Impossible? No! Compolite offers the solution for an admittedly very demanding task. Without this material it would not be feasible to combine such demands in one product. 

Compolite was developed by Recticel and is based on the special Recticel-Spray-Technology. On a core of flexible reticulated foam reinforced on both sides with glass or natural fibres, rigid polyurethane and also the desired cover material is sprayed over by a robot. Ready is the component which is covered with textile, carpet or plastic foils, featuring the above mentioned advantages. Made in a mould; in a one-step operation.

You aim at a combination of less and more and you get Compolite.

With it you save 30 – 40 % in weight compared with traditional manufacturing procedures. An extreme saving, which is encouraging and motivating to continue on this path. It is our objective to add further technical improvements to our product portfolio, so that you too can offer more to your customers. 




Layer composition