One does not know one’s own abilities until tried.

We are frequently assured that our seats offer highest comfort. Modern production processes and our patented developments are the creators. However, very important is the care we apply to all areas and which are the guarantor for these good results. Our attention is directed to the optimization of all contributing factors. This applies to raw materials, the production and, of course, to our services.

Have a look at a very important proseat department: the interior material development. We have developed an extremely robust MDI-foam thanks to our intensive relationship with our raw material suppliers and support from one of the world’s largest motor group; in fact, the foam is further developed. It has become known as the 3rd generation and is the result of consequent improvements and the implementation of advanced designs. This innovative material has been fully tested by the above mentioned motor group. With regard to comfort, the material is convincing at first touch and also because of its outstanding vibration reducing properties. The sustainable manufacturing procedure is a further convincing factor. Important for our actions is a balanced ratio between economical and ecological requirements. 

Furthermore, our performance specification is filled with optimization targets. An example is given with our measuring and test laboratories, where products are constantly subjected to intensive controls and hard loading tests in special cold and moisture chambers.

We internally say: Think ahead and further than required, and offer more than desired. Should you ask us whether all areas can be improved non-stop, we reply as Goethe would: One does not know one’s own abilities until tried.